Surface of Arkhona.

[1]Territory control is a tool for players to succeed at campaigns, but it’s not an end in itself. The development team doesn’t actually want to encourage a single faction to take over the world, although the system will allow it (with some pushback). Campaign missions are always opposed, but not necessarily available for every faction at once. For example, while there might be a mission for Space Marines and Orks on one side of a continent, a simultaneous one for Eldars and Chaos might be happening on the other side. Missions frequently include non-control gameplay as well, such as destroying a particular object or driving a relic from one territory to another distant one.

Overall, a faction is not just trying to win everything, they’re trying to complete as many missions as possible and advance their faction’s goals. By participating in the campaign and completing missions, players can earn medals for end-game rewards and recognition, while factions can affect the ongoing narrative and future campaigns or battles in that location.


[2]Eternal Crusade will be very much about capturing and controlling territories. [3]The planet will be comprised of 4+ continents of around 8 x 8 kilometers at launch, with 40-60 territories per continent, in a 300 to 400 Km world. [4]Players will not require any loading when moving between continents, but instead of having to swim to cross to another continent, players can access a port structure where they can board a transport that will take them to another continent. In this way, Behaviour wants to differentiate these territories from conventional MMO zones.

[5]The technology being used in Eternal Crusade is a cell system which theoretically is scalable to a very high number. Meaning that several thousands of players could potentially share the same space. The limit comes more from the client’s graphics card than from the server tech. To insure a good experience, the developers decided to segregate the populations per zone or continent. In the worst case scenario they could lock a continent because the max population for a faction has been reached. The developers are targeting half a dozen of continents with a population limit of about 10-20k per continent. If the game is popular enough to reach 500k concurrent players at a time then more continents will be added. This would be a good reason to open battlefields on the moons before launch and not after.


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