The Storm Shield is used by Ground Assault Marines. It is a very effective protective measure, not only to keep the engaging Ground Assault himself save, but also to use it to draw fire from advancing allied forces. In duells it gives Ground Assaults the upper hand against most foes.



  • Very usefull for approaching ranged units
  • Use full to wear down the weapons of melee units
  • Allows tanking for a group


  • Leaves defenseless against mobile units


Against ranged units approach using the shield and maybe seek cover on half way to recharge it's durability.

Against melee units it is a prouven technique to let enemies wear down the durability of their weapon on your shield, attacking sometime to keep them from defensive bashing. Once their weapons durability is gone, they are an easy prey.

When using the Storm Shield you should allways enter the enemies field of fire thirst to draw fire optimally.

Available Mods

  • Repair Generator

For details see Storm Shield Mods.

 Mastercrafted version

Additional Cost Effect Appearance
50LP Durability: +20

Durability regen.: +5/s

MC Stormshield