Ork Squig Armour Final

Squig Armour is a founder exclusive Ork armour piece available in the Rogue Trader Store.


[1]Ork Description: "Now I nose wut youz finkin‘… squigs! Dere’s so much youz can do wiv dem already, gud for eat’nz, throw’nz, bomb’nz… well, now theys gud for wear’nz too! We bred dis squiggy n’ stretch its mowff right ov’r yer ‘ed. The teef dig in, so you know it’s on, den off yu goes! When da dakka comes in da squig gets ‘it first, not you!"

[1]English Description: "As if these creatures weren’t vile enough – squigs are a vital element of Ork society, they occupy various levels and roles: food, suicide troops, as well as harrying shock troops. Some enterprising Ork (or perhaps more accurately a Gretchin) took a Squig and dragged the creature over the head of an Ork. It’s unclear whether the creature survives this process (the gaping hole would tend to indicate no), but the result is the same—an extra layer of protection that must be removed ablatively before the greenskin can be slain."

Unsorted Facts

[2]The Squig Armour will twitch or blink its eyes.


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