A rifle that fires superheated Plasma and is more effective against tough enemies. It has an auto-fire mode and a single-fire mode with the abbility to charge a high-damage shot that stuns. If overheated the charged shot poses a threat to the wielder and usually causes serious damage. It cools off passively over time or by faster active cooling.



  • High penetration
  • Can harm Vehicles
  • Chargeable shot that causes high damage, stuns and has a small area effect


  • Overcharges fast
  • High spread
  • Charged shot is slow and takes much skill to be used properly
  • Runs out of ammo fast


The low projectile speed of the charged shot is best compensated by using it against incoming groups in an closed area and makes it ideal to shoot camping enemies in the back, since it stuns and renders them immobile long enough to end them.

Because of its high damage it is very efficient at taking out downed enemies that get healed. The small area effect prouves helpfull shooting next to enemies covering behind a corner.

Since it cools overtime you can let it recharge while using other weapons.


Optic Fusion Core / Heat Sinks Grip Ammunition
  • 2x Scope
  • 3.4x Scope
  • None
  • Angled Grip
  • Textured Grip
  • Stabilizing Grip
  • None

For details see Plasma gun Mods

 Mastercrafted version

Faction Additional Cost Effect Appearance
Chaos Space Marines


Spread per Shot: -0.007°

Horizontal Recoil: - 0.05°

MC Plasma gun
Loyalist Space Marines Loyalist Space Marines Spread per Shot: -0.007°

Horizontal Recoil: - 0.05°

MC CSM Plasma gun