This page summarizes the announcements and facts revealed in the development team's official Newsletter. As new newsletters are released, this page will be updated.

Reference Log - (Last Updated 23-06-2014)

Date Name Facts
July 2014 A Gift for the Founders
  • Reveal of gift items for early Founders.
  • Details on Fanfiction short story contest.
June 2014 A Contest Before the War
  • Details for contest to win a poster of the "Tainted Land of Arkhona" concept art.
June 2014 A word from your new Community Manager
  • Introduction of Katie Fleming as new Community Manager.
June 2014 Prepare for Warpspace
  • Launch date for new website and sale of Founder's Packs, June 25th 2014.
June 2014 Letter from a 40k Enthusiast
  • News on the progress being made in art assets and animation.
  • Sneak Peak of an Eldar Wraithguard 3D model.
May 2014 A glimpse at the Founder's Arsenal
  • Work underway on Stronghold supply lines and territories mechanic.
  • Campaigns will last approximately a week.
  • Campaigns will drive the narrative of the game.
  • Faction councils can approve the use of Requisition Points to enhance Strongholds.
  • Faction councils can also allocate RP to locations or field armies that need it the most.
  • Loadout UI being refined.
  • Concept art sneak peaks of Founder's Program exclusive wargear.
May 2014 Visions of Arkhona
  • Concept Art of Space Marine Faction.
  • Details on the world of Arkhona in its galactic location.
  • Concept Art of the world Arkhona.
  • Background and story details of the world Arkhona.
May 2014 Making a Big Impact
  • Details on new website featuring Turbulent's HEAP CMS.
  • New site will have founders exclusive section.
  • New site will be optimized for devs to survey the community.
  • Fifth subfaction voting will be amongst the first surveys to be tested.
  • Early access will feature combat, invasion, weapons to try out, and personal quarters from all the factions’ ships.
May 2014 A Letter from a Fan
  • Suggestion that Leman Russes might make it into the game.
  • Sneak Peak of Hero concept art for Founders Pack. Showing Autarch and Chaos Space Marine Hero.
  • Clarification of functionality of Heroes as mostly aesthetic perks.
April 2014 A Word about the Founder Program
  • The Founder’s Program has 3 objectives:
  • First, you've been asking for a way to support us as we finally make the first MMO in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and we want to give you that.
  • Second, we want to get constant feedback from our founders both through discussion and focused testing alike.
  • Third, we want our founder's packs to offer real, lasting value to you all — more than a simple color switch — as a reward for showing your faith in us so far in advance of the game's launch.
  • To be clear, this is NOT Crowd Funding. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is fully financed. Founder support will enable unannounced features that are currently planned for after launch... Before launch. 
April 2014 The Great Devourer
  • Started working on Outposts and Strongholds and new Stronghold centered on a Laser Defense Turret.
  • Founder’s Program Details
  • You’ll also get to select unique rewards from the following categories: Identity, Weapon Skins, Armor Skins, Space Ship, Miscellaneous, Vehicles, Consumables and Accessories.
  • As a Founder you will be a part of the Spearhead on Arkhona, gaining access to playable modules of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade far in advance of the game’s launch date.
  • Unique cosmetics, executions, and heroes.
  • There’s never been a record of any hive fleet reaching Arkhona.
  • You will face many Tyranid variants, from terrifying swarms of Termagants and Hormagaunts, all the way up to massive Tervigons and Hive Tyrants. Every Tyranid organism has multiple biomorphs that it can bring to bear, each requiring a different approach.
  • You’ll face the Tyranids in three different areas of the game: the Underworld dungeon instances, Tyranid Hives, and across the surface of the planet.
  • Every faction’s territory will be vulnerable to invasion by the Tyranids.
  • If you’re winning the war, stay cautious! The Tyranids will tend to target the faction with the most territory more than the others.
March 2014 Production Update March 2014
  • Introduction of new marketing and communications partner: TURBULENT
  • Mention of visiting the team's offices for a pre-alpha preview.
  • Mention of the EC Dev Tracker.
  • Plans to release a guild listing, including how many StrikeForces (10 Squads) and Squads (10 players) they can muster on the field of Battle
  • Miguel is working closely with TURBULENT who will be in charge of setting up our Pre-Order founders Program store.
  • NEW ‘’real’’ website which we plan to launch this spring during E3.
  • Steven says: “The Level Design of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is focused on two core experiences: of the individual and the army.  For the individual, our buildings and outposts must offer a fantastic shooting and melee combat experience.  For the army or the commander, our terrain, roads, and outpost placement must offer a fantastic strategic experience. “
  • The rhino is working as a transport and mobile spawn point.
  • You can already destroy the enemy’s rhinos or tank shock people to death.
  • The gun on the transport is not functional yet.
  • FIRST WORKING OUTPOST! You will find inside capturable objectives, spawn points, ammo stations, utility and defensive buildings... etc.
  • Rendering test with more than 300 Space marines and Chaos Space marines (without LOD optimisation).
December 2013 Happy Holidays from the Dev Team
  • Devs
December 2013 Eldar Newsletter
  • Eldar Artwork Contest Results
  • Finalizing the base model of the Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine.
  • Building the customization pipelines for the Imperium of Man and the forces of Chaos.
  • Implementation of blocking and kicking moves.
  • Wall jumping with Jump Packs.
  • Charge attack
  • Completed a first implementation of a basic Rhino.
  • As usual, a fifth Craftworld will be selected by the community later next year.
  • Warlocks, Dire avengers and Dark reapers will be some of the classes you will have the pleasure to play at launch.
  • Wraithguard will feel like a class, it is likely to be presented as a weapon controlled by a Warlock
  • Warlocks empower Wraithguard on the battlefield, allowing them to operate at their devastating full capacity
  • Writers, Graham McNeill and Anthony Reynolds.
November 2013 Meet the Behaviour Team part 2
  • Core combat prototype behind us, we’re now testing additional features and processes.
November 2013 Chaos Newsletter
  • First playable prototype, proving our experience and game play.
  • Graham McNeill and Anthony Reynolds announced as writers.
  • Chaos Space Marine Warbands announced.
  • Chosen, Havocs, Raptors and Terminators will be among the classes available at launch.
  • Like for Space Marines and Orks a fifth Chaos Space Marine warband will be selected by the community.
October 2013 Ork Newsletter
  • Ork Boyz can play for free.
  • Microntransactions confirmed.
  • Nobz are classes that have to be unlocked, alike Exarchs and Sargents.
October 2013 Hello Crusaders
  • Opening of official EC forums.
September 2013 Da Green Tide
  • EC to run on PikkoServer, allowing battles with 1000 simultaneous players.
  • Hope to break a new world record of maximum concurrent users in a single battle before launch.
  • Announcement of clans Goffs, Deathskulls, Evil Sunz, and Bad Moons inclusion.
  • The classes are not exhaustive meaning that more will be available when we launch.
  • We will add a Community selected fifth clan.
August 2013 Meet the Team
  • Announcement of the Meet the Team video.
  • Our Chapter Motto “There will be no Firewall Between the Dev-Marine and the Imperium of fans”.
  • Develeoper's Twitter Accounts.
July 2013 In the month of July…
  • AMA on Reddit
  • Phase 2 site update focused on two things: Races and Space Marine Chapters.
  • Intention to bring more races after launch.
  • Exploring the possibility of adding an additional group per race for launch, selected by the community.
June 2013 Greetings Fellow Crusaders
  • Clearing up what the game is about.