Fires a beam of fission energy that melts most materials, ceramit, steel and even stone. It has a low range but makes up for it with ignoration of toughness and is the best mean against vehicles available for Tactical Marines and Traitor Units.



  • Ignores toughness
  • Effective against armour
  • Permanent stream


  • Takes time to start firing
  • Heats up quickly
  • Long cooldown


Firing a permanent stream it is effective against enemies that are hard to hit because of size or tendancy to evasion like Eldar.

When attacking vehicles, especially transporter from which enemies spawn while you try to destroy it, you are defensless while the Meltagun cools down. Therefore it is preferable to choose a strong secondary and melee weapons to be ready for eventual attackers.

Because of its effectiveness against armour, the Meltagun is very usefull in teamplay drawing down the enemies shield to leave them vulnerable for your allies.


Heat Sinks Ammunition
  • None
  • None

 Mastercrafted version

Faction Additional Cost Effect Appearance
Chaos Space Marines


Heat per shot: -0.3%

Loyalist Space Marines 40LP Heat per shot: -0.3%