Guilds are communities of Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade with which players will be able to organise, strategize, and prepare for war.

Any player can create a Guild with a unique, up to 4 letter, tag and a Guild name. They can then send out invitations to people in their Steam friend list and accept requests from people to join their Guild who have found their Guild via the Guild tab. The Guild leader can promote any Guild member to an officer. Officers can send out and accept requests as the Guild leader can. The Guild leader can also choose the Guilds banner from a set and can set a description. Some Guilds have custom banners designed for them and put into the game by the developers around the time of the games release. As a disclaimer to some, each Guild's description is written by their own members.


Space Marine Guilds

Eldar Guilds

Ork Guilds

Chaos Space Marine Guilds

Multi-Faction Guilds