Ground Assault Marines are the heavy melee units of the Space Marines. They wearing shields they can take shots while their allies take care of the killing. Using the shield properly, the combined use of their primary weapon and shield's durability as well as their stamina makes them an almost unbeatable enemy in a duell.



  • Can equip Shields
  • High armour stats


  • Defenseles against Jump units if shield equipped


Even a single Ground Assault class can increase the offensive power of a group drastically. Not only can it tank the fire of enemy forces but it also causes panic when close enough to involve the enemy ranged units in a melee. Ground Assaults should allways enter the enemies field of fire thirst to draw fire optimally.

If engaged in a fight against a group melee units should always try to have their opponent between themselves and the rest of the enemies to keep them from firing or (if lucky) harm/kill him with friendly fire.

Ground Assaults are the most capable class in duells:

Against ranged units approach using the shield and maybe seek cover on half way to recharge it's durability.

Against melee units it is a proven technique to let enemies wear down the durability of their weapon on your shield, attacking sometime to keep them from defensive bashing. Once their weapons durability is gone, they are an easy prey.


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