Eldar Founders

The results we have gathered through years of research of Arkhona’s system have shown that traditional wraithbone weaponry is susceptible to airborne bio-toxins that may still be present in the planet’s atmosphere. The humans seem to have determined that something in the oxidization process of copper has protective qualities that may serve to absorb some of this poison, or protect the weapon. Though not traditional, we Eldar must adapt to survive, no matter the cost.

Type: Combat Blade and Shuriken Pistol.

These weapons (one set for each faction) were given to players who ordered the game prior the end of Gamescom 2014 and are no longer available. This text is found alongside the weapon sets: "Please enjoy this special edition, faction customized weapon, as a gift from Behaviour Interactive; it’s our way of saying thanks for supporting the game, above and beyond our expectations. This unique skin will be used once, exclusively for this item, then retired. Once these items are gone only the gods themselves may bring them back.".