The Devestator is the heavy support class of the Space Marines. With their powerfull weaponry they can hold back most infantry onslaught or take out vehicles from afar with a Lascannon or on close range with a Multi-Melta. Shooting takes a set up time. This and their lake of secondary weaponry makes them very vulnerable to melee attackers.



  • High firepower
  • Adaptable weapon arsenal
  • Very effective for defending
  • Best anti-vehicle unit of the Space Marines


  • Set up time makes vulnerable to sudden attacks and melee
  • Lack of secondary and melee weapons


The accuracy of most weapons increases greatly if braced or kneeling.

Try to stay in a group or out of range to avoid melee attackers. Other tactical ranged units will try to attack you in melee to take advantage of your set up time.


The Devestator class provides weaponry with some of the highest fire power.

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