Supply drop contents for the chaos space marine faction.

Standard (500 requisition)

Item Type Usage
Bolt Pistol (Alternate, gold) Weapon
Compensator Mod Bolt Pistol
Muzzle Break Mod Bolt Pistol
Bolter (Alternate, skull) Weapon
Box Mag Mod Bolter
Compensator Mod Bolter
Muzzle Break Mod Bolter
Stabilizing Grip Mod Bolter
Heavy Bolter (Alternate, gold) Weapon
Combat Knife (Alternate, black) Weapon
Sulphuric Acid Etching Mod Combat Knife
Barbed Chainteeth Mod Chainaxe
Chainaxe (Alternate, round tip) Weapon
Penetration Mod Chainsword
Barbed Chainteeth Mod Chainsword
Clashing Engine Mod Chainsword
Force Sword (Alternate, white) Weapon

Superior (3,000 requisition)

Item Type Usage
Cygnii Pattern Weapon Bolt Pistol
Bolt Pistol, Master Crafted Weapon
Heavy Barrel Mod Bolt Pistol
Armor Piercing Rounds Mod Bolter
CQC Barrel Mod Bolter
Fast Reload Magazine Mod Bolter
Textured Grip Mod Bolter
Lifesteal Mod Chainsword
Chainaxe (Alternate, black trim) Weapon
Clashing Engine Mod Chainaxe
Plagueknife Weapon
Combat Knife, Master Crafted Weapon
Edge Enhancement Mod Combat Knife
Clashing Convector Mod Force Axe
Penetration Mod Force Axe
Repair Convector Mod Force Axe
Fanged Runes Mod Force Sword
Warp Regen Mod Force Sword
Plasma Cannon (Alternate, gold) Weapon
2x Scope Mod Plasma Gun
Power Axe (Alternate, copper) Weapon
Clashing Generator Mod Power Axe
Corona Generator Mod Power Axe
Repair Generator Mod Power Axe
Clashing Generator Mod Power Maul
Repair Generator Mod Power Maul
Shock Field Mod Power Maul
Power Sword (Alternate, brown and gold) Weapon
Repair Generator Mod Power Sword
Shock Field Mod Power Sword

Artificer (12,000 requisition)

Item Type Usage
Autocannon (Alternate, gold) Weapon
Bolter, Master Crafted Weapon
4x Scope Mod Bolter
Drum Magazine Mod Bolter
Dampener Grip Mod Bolter
Teeth of Khorne Weapon Heavy Bolter
Heavy Bolter, Master Crafted Weapon
Chainaxe, Master Crafted Weapon
Lifesteal Mod Chainaxe
Penetration Mod Chainaxe
Chainsword, Master Crafted Weapon
Penetration Mod Chainsword
Combibolter (Alternate, white) Weapon
Compensator Mod Combibolter
Heavy Barrel Mod Combibolter
Muzzle Break Mod Combibolter
Force Axe, Master Crafted Weapon
Force Axe (Alternate, gold) Weapon
Fanged Runes Mod Force Axe
Lifesteal Mod Force Axe
Strong Attack Mod Force Axe
Warp Regen Mod Force Axe
Force Sword, Master Crafted Weapon
Clashing Convector Mod Force Sword
Lifesteal Mod Force Sword
Penetration Mod Force Sword
Repair Convector Mod Force Sword
Lascannon, Master Crafted Weapon
Lascannon (Alternate, black) Weapon
Meltagun, Master Crafted Weapon
Meltagun (Alternate, black) Weapon
Multi-Melta, Master Crafted Weapon
Multi-Melta (Alternate, gold) Weapon
Power Axe, Master Crafted Weapon
Ionic Inforcement Generator Mod Power Axe
Power Sword, Master Crafted Weapon
Clashing Generator Mod Power Sword
Corona Generator Mod Power Sword
Lifesteal Mod Power Sword
Plasma Pistol, Master Crafted Weapon
Plasma Pistol (Alternate, gold) Weapon
Plasma Gun, Master Crafted Weapon
Plasma Gun (Alternate, identical skin) Weapon
3.4x Scope Mod Plasma Gun
Plasma Cannon, Master Crafted Weapon
Clashing Generator Mod Power Fist
Corona Generator Mod Power Fist
Ionic Inforcement Generator Mod Power Fist
Repair Generator Mod Power Fist
Shock Field Mod Power Fist

Relic (30,000 requisition)

Item Type Usage
Autocannon, Master Crafted Weapon
Heartpiercer Weapon Bolter
Manslayer Weapon Bolter
Necrotic Weapon Chainsword
Magnificent Weapon Combibolter
Combibolter, Master Crafted Weapon
Warp Thirst Weapon Force Axe
Warp Furnace Weapon Multi-Melta
Last Caress Weapon Plasma Pistol
Felwrought Weapon Plasma Gun
Power Fist, Master Crafted Weapon
Power Fist (Alternate, identical skin) Weapon
Lifesteal Mod Power Fist
Mancatcher Weapon Power Maul
Lifesteal Mod Power Maul


All data is compiled from this thread: