Advances for Chaos Space Marines.

Starting Wargear

Name Class Slot Effect LP
Shard of Steel All Wargear One Armor +20

Armor Regen +15%

Shard of Fortitude All (expect Raptor) Wargear Two Stamina +1 100
Juggernaut Eye (Minor) All (expect Raptor) Trinket Stamina Regen +3% 10
Cult Shard Raptor Wargear Two Fuel Regen +25%

(MoS +20% additional)

Pestilent Bud (Minor) All Trinket Health +2% 10
Beast Scale (Minor) All Trinket Armor +2% 10
Bloodletter Claw (Minor) All Trinket Armor Regen +7.5% 10
Frag Grenade All Grenade Anti - Personel 50
Frag Bundle Traitor Grenade Anti - Personel 100
Melta Bomb Traitor Grenade Anti - Vehicle 200
Stun Grenade Traitor/Raptor Grenade Stun in large radius,

no lethal damage

Ammo Pack All Consumable Replenishes Ammo 50
Fleshweaver Orb All (not with MoK) Consumable Replenishes Health

(not with MoK)

Vile Regeneration Aspiring Sorcerer Spell One Heals friend or you.


Warp Instability Aspiring Sorcerer Spell Two Increases damage done to foe.


Icon of Vengeance All Standard Melee dmg x 7%

Range dmg x 7%


Rank One

Name Class Slot Effect
Shard of Devotion Traitor
Force Sword Mastery Aspiring Sorcerer --
Boltgun Mastery Traitor --
Chainsword Mastery Raptor,

Traitor Assault

Heavy Bolter Havok --
Juggernaut Eye, Major Trinket
Pestilent Bud, Major Trinket
Shard of Crimson Traitor Assault Wargear Two

Rank Two

Name Class Slot Effect
Mark of Khorne Wargear One
Power Axe Mastery Raptor,

Traitor Assault

Power Sword Mastery Raptor,

Traitor Assault

Cult-Blessed Jump Pack Raptor
Mark of Nurgle Wargear One
Flesh Circle Spell One
Plasma Gun Mastery Traitor --
Labyrinthine Souvenir Aspiring Sorcerer
Mark of Slaanesh Wargear One
Collar of the Seer Aspiring Sorcerer
Force Aspiring Sorcerer Spell Two
Evil Eye Pendant Aspiring Sorcerer
Mark of Tzeentch Wargear One
Lascannon Mastery Havok --
Plasma Cannon Mastery Havok --
Krak Grenade Grenade

Rank Three

Name Class Slot Effect

Rank Four

Name Class Slot Effect

Rank Five

Name Class Slot Effect