Work in Progress

AA - Anti Air

AC - Autocannon (CSM Weapon)

AD - Ace Dakka (Ork Unique Weapon)

AL - Alpha Legion (CSM Legion)

AoE - Area of Effect

AP - Armor Penetration / Piercing

Apoc - Apothecary (LSM Class)

AS - Aspiring Sorcerer (CSM Class, includes the "Veteran Sorcerer")

ASC - Avenger Shuriken Catapult (standard weapon for the Dire Avenger)

Astartes - Loyalist Space Marines

Banshee - Howling Banshee (Eldar Class)

Beakie - Refers to the rather "beak like" Mk. VI Corvus Helmet (used by LSM and CSM)

bE / BE / BHVR - Behaviour Interactive

Boy - Ork Boy (basic soldier for the Orkz)

BTK - Bullets to Kill

Cap - Capture / "Capture the Point" ("Cap A" would mean "Capture the A Point")

Capper - Class capable of capturing a point

CB - Combi-Bolter (CSM Weapon)

CQB / CQC - Close Quarters Battle / Close Quarters Combat

CSM - Chaos Space Marine

DA - 1. Dire Avenger (Eldar Class), 2. Dark Angels (LSM Chapterter)

Dakka - Orkish for firepower (something you can never have enough of)

DE - Dark Eldar (not ingame)

Dev - 1. Devastator Marine (LSM Class), 2. Developer (game developer for Eternal Crusade)

Devs - Developers (game developers for Eternal Crusade)

DR - Dark Reaper (Eldar Class)

EC - Eternal Crusade

EHP - Effective Health Points (Armor + HP = EHP)

F2P - Free to Play

Falcon - Eldar Grav Tank

FD - Fire Dragon (Eldar Class)

Fluff - The lore / background story of a certain setting

Founders - Players who have pre-ordered Eternal Crusade

Frag - 1. Anti-Personel Fragmentation Grenade (incluses Stikk Bomb), 2. Kills

GA - Ground Assault (can refer both to the LSM Ground Assault Class and to non-airborne Melee Classes)

GG / gg - Good Game

Git - Orkish for enemy, troublemaker or nuisance

Gork - Ork God

Grot - Orkish, it is an insult

Hawk - Swooping Hawk (Eldar Class)

HB - Howling Banshee (Eldar Class) or Heavy Bolter (LSM and CSM weapon)

HP - Health Points

IF - Imperial Fists (LSM Chapter)

IW - Iron Warriors (CSM Legion)

JPA - Jump Pack Assault (LSM Class, but can be used to refer to the Ork Storm Boy and CSM Raptor too due to their similarities)

Khorne - Chaos God

Krak - Krak Grenade (Anti-Armor Grenade, inclused the Sticky Stikk Bomb)

LSM - Loyalist Space Marine

LoS - Line of Sight

Melta Bomb - Anti-Armor Bomb

MoC / MoCU - Mark of Chaos Undivided

MoK - Mark of Khorne

MoN - Mark of Nurgle

Mon'keigh / Mon-keigh - Eldar for any species deemed inferior to them, most often used for humans

Mork - Ork God

MoS - Mark of Slaanesh

MoT - Mark of Tzeentch

Nids - Tyranids

Nob - Ork Veteran Class (in EC), Orkish word used to describe Orkz who have progressed from the ranks of the Boyz (usually significantly bigger than regular Orkz)

Nurgle - Chaos God

OP - 1. Original Poster, 2. Over Powered

P2W - Pay to Win

PF - 1. Power Fist (LSM and CSM Weapon, can refer to the Ork Power Klaw too), 2. Proppa Fight (more Orkish version of "good game")

Pred - Predator Tank (LSM and CSM Tank)

Psyker - Person with psychic powers (Warhammer 40.000 "magic")

Req / REQ / RQ - Requisition Points

Rhino - Rhino Transport (LSM and CSM Transport, can be used to refer to transport vehicles in general)

RL - Reaper Launcher (Eldar Weapon)

RoF - Rate of Fire

RPM - Rounds Per Minute

RP - Role Play

RTC - Rogue Trader Credits

RTS - Rogue Trader Store

Slaanesh - Chaos God

SB - Storm Bolter (LSM Weapon)

SH - Swooping Hawk

Shieldbro - LSM Ground Assault with a Stormshield

Smurf / Ultrasmurf - Derogatory name for Ultramarine (LSM Chapter)

Space Corgies / Space Yiff - Derogatory name for Space Wolves (LSM Chapter)

SoK - Sigil of Khorne

SoN - Sigil of Nurgle

SoS - Sigil of Slaanesh

SoT - Sigil of Tzeentch

SS / Scorpion - Striking Scorpion (Eldar Class)

Stat - Statistics (often used when referring to the statics / "values" of an item)

TA - Traitor Assault (CSM Class)

Tac / Tactical - Tactical Space Marine (LSM Class)

TEQ - Terminator Equivalent

TL - 1. Tempest Launcher (Eldar Weapon), 2. Twin-Linked

TL-ASC / TLASC - Twin-Linked Avenger Shuriken Catapult (Dire Avenger weapon, often confused with TLSC)

TL-SC / TLSC - Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapult (weapon mounted beneath the Eldar Grav-Tanks)

Trukk - Ork Transport

TT - Table Top (usually referring to the Warhammer 40.000 Table Top game)

TTK - Time to Kill

Tzeentch - Chaos God

UAT - User Acceptance Testing (test server for EC which can be accesses by the players)

UE4 - Unreal Engine 4 (the game engine this game uses)

UP - Under Powered

Vet - Veteran Class (includes the Eldar "Revered" Classes and Ork "Nob" Classes)

Vindicator - LSM / CSM Ordnance Tank

Wargear - Items ("gear") you can equip in the loadout screen

Warp Hunter - Eldar Ordnance Grav Tank

WS - Wave Serpent (Eldar Troop Tranport)